Update on coach for Glaramara House and 2019 Weekend

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Update on coach for Glaramara House and 2019 Weekend

Post by ALANSI48 on Tue Jun 27, 2017 9:35 pm

Hi all,
just to update you - first the bad news - I am struggling to get a coach/mini-bus for next year's weekend at Borrowdale. Bolton School Coaches (£690), Woolfold Travel (£800), Tyrers (£1200) were all far too expensive for the 14 - 17 people who want coach travel. The nearest that I got to a reasonable quote was going back to Bestway who could do a minibus for £450 but, to accommodate luggage, would need us to occupy a maximum of 14 seats which works out over £30 each. I will talk to those people who have asked for coach travel but I think we will need to use cars and car sharing - sorry!

The good news is that I have provisionally booked Willersley Castle for 2019 - the date being April 5th - 7th and the price is less than we are paying for 2018.

Happy walking,


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